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South Africa has often been described as a world in one country. It is a land of spectacular natural beauty, which hosts a rich blend of diverse peoples, is a haven for Africa’s most splendid wildlife and boasts a sunny climate all year round. This is one part of the world which is definitely too good to miss.

Deep Impact Tour Series [more]
From Mrs. Ples to Mr. Mandela 2004 [more]
The Jo’burg Indian Experience [more]
Fly-in Safaris and Short Tours [more]
Geological Kaleidoscope Tour [more]
Palaeontology-Anthropology Tour ( Part 1 & 2) [more]
The Platinum Tour [More]
Gold Tour [more]
Diamond Tour [more]
Natal Metamorphic Tour [more]
Vredefort Tour – Meteorite Impact Structure [more]

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